Upsala ASS begins the season the 21th of August

The 21th of August UASS begins the season again. Vi play at Storgatan 11 each Tuesday (18.45) until mid-December and then starts again in early Januar. The 21th of August we start out with a Blitz tournement and the 28th of August we play a Teams blizt (3 persons in each team)

And we also play during some weekends. The weekend 15-16 september we have September-ELO our traditional training tournement. Already the 4th September Korpen begins. In Korpen we play 3 persons in each team five rounds and we finish the 9th October. We have also beginners courses in the club and it begins the 12th September and takes place during 6 Wednesdays.

Last but not least we also will have our 112th Annual Meeting  that takes place the 25th September. All members shall have received an invitation to their home address. All new members, until that date, are also welcome to the Annual Meeting.

We wish you a warm welcome!

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